Protect Your Business With High-Quality Wi-Fi Cameras

Reliable Wi-Fi services in Bangor, ME are just a phone call away

When storms rage in Bangor, ME don't worry about your Wi-Fi or security cameras. Silicon Maine uses hardware that's made to withstand power outages and still work efficiently. That means your business will always be monitored. Our team has more than a decade of experience installing state-of-the-art Wi-Fi cameras in local facilities.

Need Wi-Fi services at your workplace? Contact our telecommunications service provider today for affordable services.

Know the benefits of our services

Wondering how our services can help your company? Check out the advantages of installing high-quality Wi-Fi or cameras at your business.

Our Wi-Fi services come with:
Remote management and stats available 24/7.
Affordable hardware for your Wi-Fi camera installation.
Smooth transitions between access points as you roam your building.
One Wi-Fi name used for all locations and guest logins.

Benefits of our cameras include:
Viewing footage on-site or from any device
Protecting your indoor and outdoor belongings
Easily locating stored footage and notification options

Protect your property with help from Silicon Maine. Our Wi-Fi cameras offer full-company coverage, even during power outages. For more information about our flexible features, call 207-404-2599 now.

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